Hear it from the patients…

“As a professional makeup artist and photo stylist, my hands are essential to my career. After my left hand withstood the impact of an unexpected fall, painfully tearing tendons throughout two fingers, Dr. Carwell immediately diagnosed the problem and successfully operated after a previous surgeon dismissed my condition as a ‘sprain.’ Today I have full use of my hand and can’t imagine how life would be had I not been under  Dr. Carwell’s discerning care.”

– Kim W.

As a consultant and writer, I am totally dependent on my right hand, preferring to take notes and write initial drafts in long-hand. Over the past few years, I started showing signs of an inherited hand affliction called Depuytren’s Contracture which created knots of hard tissue under the skin of my right palm and fingers, while also causing my fingers to bend in a claw-like position. Eventually I could no longer flatten my palm, hold a pen properly, or even do a “downward dog” posture in yoga. My little finger was stuck up in the air in a curled position.

Thanks to Dr. Carwell, my hand is straight once again; all the lumps under my skin are gone; and I’m back to normal activities including yoga and painting designs on my front door! As an extra bonus, my stitches have already faded and are no longer noticeable. I’m enormously pleased and grateful for his skilled work.

Maria Z.
Dr. Glenn Carwell has operated a number of times on my hands, for both carpal tunnel and ligament/tendon problems with my fingers. He is a superb surgeon and brought exquisitely refined knowledge and training to successfully repair the structures in my hand. Each surgery achieved the desired result with almost imperceptible scarring. Dr. Carwell is a consummate professional. I have referred a number of patients to him and will continue to do so.
Ken W.
You and your staff were wonderful to me while in your care. I feel I made the right choice at the right time. Thank you!
Rebecca L.
Thank you ever so much for taking excellent care of my husband throughout his recent surgery. We appreciate all of your kindness.
Susan C.
Thank you for all of your hard work on my hand. I am very happy with the results from the surgery and excited about living a more normal life.
Scott S.
Thank you so much for everything! Not only did you “fix me” but you really made me feel like family. Thanks for all your hard work. I am feeling like a new woman. You have been a blessing.
Valerie P.